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        YDE 700/500-TV  operating lamp


        Main product technical parameters:


        Product advantages and features:

        1.uColor temperature adjustment: the lamp holder is installed "osram" in different color temperature LED lamp bead, in the case of color rendering index 95, color temperature between 3000 k to 6700 k range adjustment; To achieve the best tissue resolution.

        2.  Bright and uniform lighting: LED light beam from the light source through the special design of high-performance lens in the operation area focus on surgical lighting requirements of light field; The maximum illumination is 160.000LUX. Digital stepless control of LED brightness, lighting degree of each lamp holder can be adjusted respectively; .

        3.  Failure rate is very low: each LED module contains 6-14 LED lamp bead, each module contains independent electronic control system, and the lamp holder has a very low failure rate, single LED failure will not affect the function of the lamp holder.

        4.  Focal adjustment convenient: cooperate with manual focusing system can realize bright and uniform shadowless lighting effect, within the scope of the flare regulation can achieve maximum intensity of illumination, satisfy the open big surgery, the requirements of high light intensity of illumination, also meet the conventional window operation required high light intensity of illumination requirements;

        5.   Low heat generation: LED a larger advantage is that it produces less heat, because it is almost not emit infrared or ultraviolet light.

        6.  The average service life: leds is superior to the traditional halogen lamp or gas lamp in their long service life. Conventional lights usually have to be replaced after 600 to 5,000 hours of use, and LED lights have an average lifespan of 100,000 hours.

        7.  Energy-saving: adopt 1W lights, use 3 D software to simulate the space position, with minimal lamp bead arrangement finish performance indicators;

        8.  In laminar flow turbulence is designed, make purification of laminar air can easily with the streamline motion of operating lamp, and let the lamp holder can maintain better working temperature, effective guarantee the service life of the LED lamp bead.

        9.  Luxury spring arm, durable, lightweight flexible. The lamp holder can be easily rotated 360° and accurately positioned in the ideal position. The lamp arm has a wide range of motion, which can be applied to the operating room under different building conditions.

        10.  Removable handle jacket, can be in 135 ℃ high temperature disinfection, operational focus, position and Angle of lamp body;

        Camera part:

        Camera system adopts high quality sensor, can be used in ordinary light, shadowless lamp and other environment, the image is clear, high restoration degree. Support remote control, panel and OSD menu, simple adjustment function. 10x optical zoom; 3G-SDI/CVBS/LAN multi-output; Max resolution up to 1920X1080@60; Multiple scene modes can be switched; Support picture freezing function; Support remote control, IO port, OSD menu, RS485, UART and other control modes; Support strong light suppression, anti-flicker, can provide images in the shadowless lamp environment clear, real color, rich in details of quality images;

        Video display part:

        The monitor is a 23.8-inch medical display, device composition: each device is a touch display. Including the whole machine, power adapter, VGA cable, USB cable, wall mount bracket, hook, etc. The machine is widely used, can be assembled on industrial, commercial and other computers, with the host or motherboard to complete the normal display and touch functions; In the software operation interface that needs to be run, complete faster and more convenient instructions, improve work efficiency, save time and energy.

        1) It comes with 24 inch 1080P HD medical display, which is used for local video input display and IPC decoding display.

        2) Scale:16:9

        3) Resolution:1920 x 1080

        4) Brightness:450cd/m2

        5) Contrast:3000(typical)

        6) View:89/89/89/89 IPS

        7) Response speed:5ms

        8) I/O: SDI-INx1, SDI-OUTx1( 3G-SDI), HDMI, DVI, BNC-IN, BNC-OUT, AUDIOx3, DC-IN


        Working environment conditions:

        1)  Ambient temperature +10 -- +40℃;

        2)  Relative humidity 30%-75%;

        3)  Atmospheric pressure (500 ~ 1060) hPa;

        4)  Power supply voltage and frequency AC 220V±22V 50HZ±10HZ; 

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